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Pre-Grow Consultations

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Got questions? Talk to a UL Design company that’s been in the business of commercial growing for decades. Call 714-944-0562 for answers to your questions.  

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Maximum Yield

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Maximize everything. Your time, your product, your quality of life.    

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Set Yourself Free

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Cut the ball and chain. Do what you want, when you want. And save labor costs while you’re doing it.

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Commercial Grow Solutions

Commercial Grow Solutions

No limits. Any voltage, any amperage. The iPonic Commercial is designed for commercial scale grows. Custom Built, Made in USA, UL Listed, NEMA4 certified for food and medical production environments.

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All-In-One Controllers

iPonic 614

Simplify your life. The iPonic Series of environmental controllers set you free from the mess of multiple systems.

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iGrow News

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iGrow News is an online magazine publishing content related to commercial indoor growing. 

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