April 20, 2015

Dear iPonic Cloud users,

This is Yen from Link4 — the company that brings you the great iPonic grow room controllers.  I don’t contact you unless there’s good reasons to.  Today, there are several!  First, just wanted to say happy April 20th to all of you.  Thank you again for your continual support of our company and for helping us slowly, but surely, turning the iPonic product into a great product to make your lives easier.  I am proud to say that we could not have done this without your help.

As part of our journey together, I am happy to announce that we are introducing (to you first) a new fertigation system.  It’s called the iDoser.  We, at Link4 are not new to the nutrient injection game as we have done this for years in our larger, commercial grow system.  However, the iDoser brings a new level of usability and affordability for the indoor grow side.  But, I’ll let you be the judge of that.  Here it is in a nut shell:

  • pH, TDS sensors with abilities to add backup sensors to make sure your sensors are working and stop if there are issues.
  • Peristaltic pumps options with injection rate up to 300ml/min (4.7 gal/hr).
  • Controls up to 8 different tanks for added flexibility.
  • Ratio injection for you to inject base, acid, and 8 different nutrients to tailor the nutrient additives to the crop.
  • Automatic weekly change of your nutrient formula throughout your growth cycle to optimize your yield.
  • Variable injection technologies (inject faster to get up, then slower at the end) for precise ppm, pH controls.
  • Time or volume injection to make it easier for you to figure out how much to inject.
  • Integrated irrigation valves and pump controls for optimal plant growth.
  • Monitor and alarm capabilities to alert you remotely of potential issues.
  • Automatic shutoff mechanisms to insure crop protection.
  • ….and more.  I will leave the rest for later.
  • ….but more importantly, insert your desired features here __________ (email me) and we will definitely consider them!

If you made it this far, here’s the reward:

I am looking to give 2 systems away!  We are talking about $5,000 worth of equipment here folks so I am not kidding around.  However, not all of you fit the criteria.  I am looking for someone like this:

  • Using several different additives all in soluble, liquid forms, but not like 15 of the “black magic” stuff (you know who you are!)
  • Have a PC on-site with an Internet connection.  It’s not quite Cloud ready yet (will be) so there’s a whole software application running locally.  We don’t need to connect to it, but we would like you to so you can send us some sample graphs and pictures.
  • Can identify with the pain of doing things manually when it comes to nutrient management.
  • Will give us feedback on the system.
  • Have a good, positive attitude.  Life is too short for anything else!

If that’s you, please email me ( and let me know why I should send you one of the 2 free systems.  Send me pictures of your setup.  It would be even better if you have videos to us to see.  I would like to get them out to you as soon as possible so it’s one of those “you snooze, you lose” kind of a deal.  Don’t wait on it.  I am anxious to send these two systems out to get some feedback, and for some of you, having this system could change your life in the grow room! (p.s. If you are working on getting me something, let me know right away).

My best to you, and again, happy 4/20!


CEO, Link4 Corporation

p.s. This is the iDoser controlling a 1,000 gallon tank system for a large lettuce grow:

2tanks  pumps

idoser lettuce

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